Kristi Leer injured in motor vehicle accident

On the morning of Nov 9th, Kristi Leer was travelling, alone, on Highway 97 between Dawson Creek and Chetwynd when her vehicle left the road and rolled into the ditch. She was on her way to work and driving in heavy ice fog. She was rescued by Chetwynd EMS and transported to Dawson Creek Hospital where she was assessed as having sustained devastating injuries. After an extended wait for air ambulance to be able to land due to the ice fog conditions, Kristi was medivaced to Vancouver General Hospital where she underwent immediate surgery to address damage to her spinal chord.

A well known single mother of 2 young children, Kristi is a dynamic community advocate and strong supporter of the LNG cause for the northeast.

She will remain in Vancouver General for the next several months before being moved to GF Strong for extensive rehabilitation which could take many months.

Her family appreciates everyone’s support as she will need all the help we can give.

Kristi has always been the first person to come running when anyone needed help and now she and her family needs our help. Kristi has been a big supporter of the oil and gas industry and has fought for Fort Nelson and Fort St John for LNG.  She was one of the biggest organizers of the truck and street rallies.  She selflessly took time away from her family to travel to Ottawa to show her support for our industry.

Kristi is one of our own and adoptive family to many of us. She has always been there to support her friends, family and community.

Kristi is a small business owner who relies on working to support her family. The funds raised will go directly to Kristi to help lessen the financial burden she and her family will be facing. Please give generously.

After three days $11,340 was raised in Go FundMe with a goal of $100,000. You can go to the website and make a donation, or if you need further information on donations or to donate in person, please contact Ramona McDonald 250-262-5551 or Tamara Wilkinson 250-263-1025. Donations for Kristi are also being collected at several locations around Fort Nelson where donation jars have been set up as well as the Go Fund Me campaign on Facebook and mom, Diane, will be accepting etransfers for Kristi at She will also be staying with Kristi in Vancouver through this long and difficult recovery.



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