Septor and the Isle of Mystery

by Cale M. Henderson
Grade 6 student
Chalo School

I was being chased. They were everywhere, but I had to get out. I probably wasn’t going to get out of there, but I had to try. How did I get there you ask?
Well, let’s just start from the beginning.
Date: September 2, 2012
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Mission: Retrieve Rogue Agent List From Gulfen’s Ship
Time: 10:27
It was a foggy area, and I only had some gadgets and my jet boat. My favourite jet boat, to be exact. A model class 2005, with a red paint job, dual Gattling guns, and a harpoon at the front. As I approached the ship, I cooled the engine. It was white, probably a class 2011, with one turret at the back. There were five men, each armed with a commando assault rifle. I slowly approached the back of the ship, careful not to be seen. I attached my hook to the ship and started climbing. I made my way to the lower level of the ship without being spotted. I then saw Gulfen, Eledavor’s second in line. There are five in line, all Eledavor’s best and sharpest. Although, Gulfen wasn’t the sharpest.
“A, ya. Master will tank me and tank avter a bring him dis list,” Gulfen said, after I attached myself to the roof.
“Fool,” I thought, just as my cable snapped!
I held myself up, but then Gulfen started yelling,  “Chicken wing attack! Chicken wing attack!”
“Cretin,” I thought as I grabbed the list and went up the stairs and back to my boat.
“Another mission complete,” I concluded as I zoomed away. Back at HQ, Edgar had practically made a hole in his carpet with his frantic pacing.
I opened the door, and before I could say a word, Edgar screamed “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!!!! DID YOU GET THE LIST!!!! DID YOU BREAK ANYTHING!!!! AM I CRAZY!!!!!!
Edgar had golden hair, brown eyes, and a nice tux.
I then said “I’ll explain, yes, no, and definitely.”
Edgar blinked twice, then started to speak in a normal voice, “Sorry, Septor. Just got a little paranoid, that’s all.”
“A little, Edgar? I think a lot!” I said as I tossed him the list and went to the cafeteria. After the cafeteria, I went to the lounge. I changed the channel to the news, and saw that flashy reporter, Jeff. Then he spoke,
“This is Jeff Micheal with breaking news. At around  10:27, an antique store was robbed by five men and a women in an armoured vehicle. Police are still looking for the culprits of this crime.”
10:27! That’s about the time I left for the mission I thought, just as I got a wet willie right in the ear. “AH!!” I screamed as I turned around to see Riche, my best friend. “Not funny, Riche. I think I’m on to something, and I need to see Arny right away,” I said as I stood up.
“Then I’m coming with you, man. You know how I love riding Arny’s vehicles,” Riche said as we grabbed our stuff and headed towards Arny’s office. When we got there, Arny was all ready to go.
“Hey Septor. I was just going to see you. Apparently a robbery happened at the same time you,” Arny said before I finished the sentence.
“Went to do my mission, ya I know, we went to get you.” I said.
“Well then, lets go!” Arny said. We all hopped in a three seat G car and rushed to the crime scene. When we got there, we found a note!
We went back to HQ, got in Arny’s ship, and went to a strange island. On the island, we found a cave with Eledavor inside. We then fought him and lost. The cave started to collapse, and we narrowly escaped. At least Eledavor dropped the item he had tried to get.
The world was safe for now.



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  1. leahedmunds

    December 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Awesome story, Cale!

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