Thecannie Koé people of northeast BC declare themselves a separate nation from Fort Nelson First Nation

We, Thecannie Koé First Nation, have solemnly declared our intent to establish a rightful Thecannie Koé First Nation, and be known as separate and unique from the Fort Nelson First Nation in the Treaty 8 Territory of North-Eastern British Columbia.

As the Thecannie Koé First Nation, the formalities and legalities to establish and move forward as a distinct First Nation are being addressed and put into place.

A self-governance structure based on unified family clans, traditional land-based values and collective history will serve as our strong foundation.

The spirit and intent of Treaty 8 as told by our Elders was based upon principles of a fair-and-just law, respect, honesty, and acceptance, and was understood as a Treaty of peace, co-existence and sharing. It’s signing was witnessed and solemnized before all with the smoking of the sacred pipe.

As descendants of the signatories to Treaty 8 in North-Eastern British Columbia, the Thecannie Koé First Nation hold unique attributes and will continue to practice and assert our Treaty Rights to Hunt, Fish, Trap and Gather for as long as the sun shines, and the grass grows and the waters flow.



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