A state of Emerency declared for Dawson Creek

Dawson Creek, BC – The Mayor of the City of Dawson Creek has declared a state of local emergency within the City of Dawson Creek boundaries as a result of a very heavy rainfall event. According to Environment Canada, over 100 mm of rain fell in Dawson Creek over the past two days.
“After we assessed the damage that had happen during the storm and flooding, we felt moving into a local state of emergency was the next step,” stated Mayor Dale Bumstead. “We need to ensure that the safety of our citizens are our priority and this is the next step.”
Please call 911 if you are in imminent danger or you are aware of someone else who is need of immediate help.

Jim Chute, Chief Administrative Officer
Dale Bumstead, Mayor of Dawson Creek

The Mayor of Dawson Creek today declared a state of emergency under the Emergency Program Act of British Columbia. This provides the Corporation of the City of Dawson Creek the opportunity to employ special powers to help to review and assess the damages.
The recovery effort will require significant activity. At this time, 15th Street will be permanently closed until further notice. 17th street is currently under assessment and we should have further direction at a later time. We anticipate that 10th Street may be opened shortly. The overflow sewage lagoon had a breach in the berm, and throughout the community, several roads, sidewalks, walking trails and other infrastructure has been identified as damage.
The local state of emergency allows the city to access senior levels of government assistance, it allows the City of Dawson Creek to efficiently and in a timely fashion manage the local state of affairs. This local state of emergency expires in 7 days or can be extended or can be rescinded by mayor and council at an earlier date.



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