Vandals damage out-buildings at Historical Museum

Police are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the persons responsible for breakinq into and damaging several of the buildings belonging to the Fort Nelson Museum over the evening of October 30th and 31st. The break, enter, and mischief to the museum buildings was discovered and reported to police on October 31st at 11:30 a.m. If anyone has any information that may assist the police in identifying those persons responsible for this crime they are encouraged to contact the Northern Rockies RCMP or Crimestoppers if they wish to remain anonymous.
Southern BC hunters report break and enter to their vehicles
Police are investigating the break, enter, and mischief to four vehicles belonging to four hunters from Vernon, Coldstream, Port McNeil, and Sidney, who had parked their vehicles in the bush in the area of KM 280 along the Alaska Highway for the period of October 16th through 26th.
The thieves responsible for this incident broke into the locked vehicles by breaking the windows and/or locks to gain entry to the vehicles stealing whatever they could find in the vehicles. This is not the first time this sort of incident has occurred. Every year during hunting season thieves and other useless criminals cruise the highways and back roads looking for unattended vehicles to break into and loot.
A little bathroom humour
Last Tuesday night police were called to the men’s room of the Petro Canada / Bluebell Hotel when it was reported there was an intoxicated male passed out in the washroom. Police attended the scene and made their way to the men’s washroom where they discovered the very intoxicated 31-year-old Fort Nelson man stumbling around, apparently trying rather unsuccessfully to find his way out. Police pointed the way out to the police truck sitting outside waiting to provide him with a lift to police office and jail for the remainder of the night.
Watch for black ice
With the arrival of the cold weather winter driving conditions are now in effect with light snow flurries, frost and black ice on the area roads which have recently contributed to numerous motor vehicles incidents throughout the NRRM.
Most recently, on October 31st at 9:42 a.m. emergency services were dispatched to a single vehicle rollover with injuries at KM 39 on Hwy # 77.

Emergency Services arrived on scene, locating a yellow 1988 International truck laying on its side in the ditch. The driver and passenger, who both sustained minor injuries, were treated at the scene. The 24-year-old driver from Fort Nelson explained to police that the road was extremely slippery, making driving difficult. At some point the truck began to fishtail, spinning completely around backwards before sliding into the ditch and rolling over.
There are all types of thieves
Called by all types of names, crooks, bandits, embezzlers, purloiners, larceners, defalcators, robbers, shoplifters, swindlers, pilferers, etc, etc. No matter by what name they are referred, a thief is a thief is a thief and they take what does not rightfully belong to them, caring nothing about the impact it has on the victim of the theft.
On the ladder of thievery stealing purses certainly occupies one of the very bottom rungs, only slightly above robbing an old lady or stealing candy from a baby. Purse thieves and those who steal from the elderly are an embarrassment to the more mainstream thieves, which is nothing to be particularly proud of, purse thief or otherwise. The thief who stole the purse belonging to a 23-year-old Woodbridge, ON, woman while she was enjoying the Hallowe’en festivities at the Fort Nelson Hotel bar on the evening of October 26th might want to think about that hierarchy.
Speaking of thieves, police are looking for the thief or thieves who stole a bicycle and scooter belonging to a 13-year-old Fort Nelson youth. The youth contacted police on November 1st at 8:35 p.m. to report his dark blue BMX bike and blue and white scooter had been stolen from the Fort Nelson Youth Centre on 49th Avenue. On November 2nd the youth contacted police to report his bicycle had been returned to the youth centre, however his scooter was still unaccounted for.
Staff Sergeant Tom Roy
Northern Rockies Detachment.



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