Obituary – Narcisse Capot-Blanc, 89

December 18th, 1918 – December 6th, 2008

That day you left It was on that cold winters day God took you home to heaven to stay I cried and cried when you went away. But at last I have come to learn It was God calling, it was your turn For he was missing an Angel so he choose you Best Darling angel we ever knew We understand it had to be God has taken you to heaven and now you are free, free, free Free from pain and loneliness Free to run, free to dance and play again We really are missing you We miss all the little things you do But we understand You are there in his precious hand Go prepare a space for us Someday we will join you that we must We are thinking of you every way We all hated to see you go But you must rest so Into Gods hands we placed the very best, Rest now sweet Parents/Grandparents and twice be blessed You brought us so much happiness Till we meet again We will think of you often You are very special to us In the somber light of the waning moon God took you home way too soon It’s losing you we regret God had his plans for you already set. Love children & grandchildren.