Obituary – Eugene (Ziggy) Kotchea, 44

May 24th, 1964 – December 31st, 2008

I Can’t Believe You’re Gone Dad, my sadness knows no end; I can’t believe you’re gone; I’m grieving for you every day; It’s hard to carry on. You were always there to support and care, When I needed a true friend, How will I ever do without my dad, I cannot comprehend. You were my teacher and my guide, My dad, so good and strong; Your example will sustain me now, And last my whole life long. I’m trying to communicate; I hope that you can hear; Expressing what I feel for you, Helps me feel you’re near. My memories of the times we had Help the pain go away. But Dad, my life won’t be the same; I’ll miss you every day. A part of me went with you; You left a gap too big to fill; You’re my Dad and my hero; I love you and I always will. Miss you Always and Forever, Your Daughter Kim Kotchea.